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Welcome to my website and thank you for visiting. Within its pages, you will find information regarding the farms I support, the markets I frequent, and the recipes created from their foods. From the twice weekly posts you will discover how and why I chose certain ingredients, learn how to recreate the featured recipe, and even listen to the soundtrack I have used to accompany their cultural diversity. By opting in to receive newsletters, the stories and recipes will come directly to you in the form of an easy-to-digest weekly email.

I hope that you already understand, may soon discover, and/or would like to find out why it is important to source local & seasonal ingredients by supporting farmers, their markets, and independent grocers. In doing so, I have learned that a farm to table approach is not only sustainable, but also renders seasonal excitement surrounding food that was just picked by hardworking growers, hand selected by independent suppliers, or fresh made by local artisans. I have also discovered how to save money by purchasing better quality ingredients and will share my thoughts on how you might do the same. I advocate for people and businesses who have similar values to my own and encourage support towards “mom & pop” suppliers over the “big box” supply chains wherever and whenever possible.

It is with credit to my passion for procuring and utilizing seasonal food, for the love of writing in the interest of contribution, and by cooking with joy both personally & professionally, that this website has been created.  I thank those of you who have supported my endeavors over the years as The Soup Lady and Chef/Owner at Bistro on the Green and hope that you will follow me into this iterative venture that encapsulates and portrays the more personal side of the professional life I pursue.

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